acetaminophen and medicare part d

Acetaminophen vs Tylenol with Medicare Part D

Acetaminophen vs Tylenol with Medicare Part D

Acetaminophen, otherwise known as the generic brand Tylenol is one of the top 20 drugs prescribed in the United States, and Medicare part d is a big reason. Its purpose is to help those suffering from minor pains such as headaches, fevers, back pain, etc. This medication can be bought over the counter at any pharmacy such as CVS or Walgreens or prescribed to you.

How Medicare Covers Acetaminophen

If you’re suffering from mild aches and pains or headaches and you have an Aetna Medicare supplement Plan G and an AARP part d plan, your doctor if you choose to go to one might prescribe you this medication to treat your symptoms. When taking this drug, be careful not to drink alcohol with it since it can put your liver and kidneys at risk.  A Medicare supplement agent can explain that to you.  It is recommended that you do not exceed 1000 mg at once, nor surpass 4000 mg within a 24 hour period.

Medicare part d plans play a big role when being prescribed medicine like TYLENOL. Those on Medicare and Acetaminophen already can agree when I say costs for doctors visits and Medicare prescribed drugs are lower with part d Medicare coverage than without.

There are multiple companies that offer Medicare parts A and B and plans. Companies such as Cigna, Wellcare, Aetna, and Bluecross are a few examples. I will use Cigna as my example for today and go a little in-depth with what they offer. Cigna carries a Medigap plan g, as well as a Medicare Part D which covers medication like TYLENOL. The Medicare supplemental plan g covers copayments and deductibles for hospital visits and doctors. Costs for Aetna or AARP plan g or part D can vary. What I mean by this is that all the companies I’ve listed as examples also carry the same parts and plans as Cigna except the pricing for each company will be different.

Talk with a Medicare Agent for Best Medicare Plans

Speaking with a Medicare supplement agent will help clear things up and give you a better idea as to what Medicare is and what they do. Brian Medicare is a great reference to go to if there are any questions you might have. Not only does he know about Medicare supplemental plans and companies, but he is also able to refer you to what Medigap company, plan, or part would be best suitable for you. All of this is at no extra charge either. If you would like to just read up on Medicare supplement companies and parts, then visit his contact page.