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Plan G vs Plan N

Medigap Plan G vs Plan N

Those already enrolled in Medicare Part A and B have the option to look for additional coverage from a Medigap plan. The two biggest Medigap plans are Plan G and Plan N. 

Plan G and Plan N Similarities

First let’s breakdown what Plan G and N have in common:  

  • Both have Medicare Part A deductible coverage, meaning you do not have to pay for the deductible.
  • However the Medicare Part B deductible that is $203 is not covered by these plans. 
  • If you are in need of care from skilled nurses at a facility, hospitalization, hospice, or travel to foreign places, you are covered with these plans.
  • In order to apply the application goes through underwriting UNLESS you enroll during an open enrollment period or are in a guaranteed issue circumstance.

How Each Plan is Different

Plan G:

  • Does not have copays for Part B doctor or outpatient visits
  • No copays for the emergency room
  • Excess charges for Part B cannot be more than 15%. The 15% is the price difference from services covered by Medicare and how much the health care facility is charging. 

Plan N:

  • There is a copay for Part B that can be as much as $20 per visit to a doctor or outpatient care. 
  • If you visit the emergency room then it can be a $50 copay with Part B, unless you were admitted into the hospital then that fee is waived.

Medigap Plan G & Plan N Premium Differences

The Plan G premium is $20 to $30 more than the Plan N premium throughout most of the states in the U.S. Reason being is there are no copays for visits to the doctors or outpatient care unlike with Plan N. Keep in mind that each state might have different prices for premiums for example, in Tampa, Florida premiums might be only $20 for Plan G while somewhere like Philadelphia, Pennsylvania may have a $25 premium. 

Plan F Explained

With Plan F those who are turning 65 in the year of 2021 will not be able to apply for it. Plan F was taken off Medigap in 2020, but for those who were already on the plan before it was gone do not have to worry. Anyone currently on a Plan F can stay on the plan and can even switch between other Plan Fs if the one they are on now is too expensive. However, if they decide to switch they will have to go through an underwriting to see if they are eligible to switch.