Top 5 reasons to choose Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan G

Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan G is also known as High Deductible Medigap Plan G. With the ongoing socio-economic circumstances of the world, the policy is getting popular these days among many people. Due to many issues, High Deductible Medicare Plan F was phased out and got replaced by High Deductible Plan G.

Top 5 reasons to choose Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan G at a Glance

#1. Low premium but High benefits

#2. The high deductible shouldn’t be that scary.

#3. Most people who are turning 65 are healthy

#4. You are in a Medigap plan Vs a Medicare advantage plan

#5. You’re turning 65 or enrolling in Medicare for the first time and want to try a Medigap plan.

Types of Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan

There are different types of plans available as Medicare supplement insurance plans. The programs are labeled from A to N. Despite the company that sells the plans, each offers the same essential benefits. However, the premium of the plan may vary from each other.  This goes for High Deductible Medicare Plan G as well as all the other Medigap plans.

What are the primary benefits of all Medicare plans?

All the Medicare plans offer some of the same benefits, and the exact same benefits  if they are the same letter. This means despite the letter attached with your plan, it might pay all or, at least some of  the medical costs such as:

  •   Hospice coinsurance or copayment care.
  •   Medicare Part B copayments or coinsurance.
  •   The Medicare Part A deductible.
  •   The first three bottles of blood if your medical emergency requires a blood transfusion.

Some Medigap plans of Medicare offer high deductible plans that provide additional coverage beyond the benefits sourced above.

What is High Deductible G?

It is the newest plan option for Medicare beneficiaries. The High Deductible Plan G was rolled out in 2020 and has been highly effective ever since. HD Plan G and HD Plan F have the same deductible and apply in the same situations.

What does Medicare Plan G cover?

Here are some of the areas that will be covered by the Plan G insurance policy:

  •   Excess charges of Plan G
  •   It applies to foreign traveling emergencies.
  •   Plan copayment and hospice care.
  •   The blood transfusion up to 3 bottles.
  •   Part A coinsurance and additional charges of the hospital.
  •   Durable Medical Equipment.

Who is eligible for the Medicare High Deductible Plan G policy?

The policy is only applicable to individuals who have become eligible for Medicare on or after the 1st of January 2020. Users can easily apply for the HD Part G policy. Instead, you will be eligible for HD plan F and not Plan G if you wanted it before 2020.

Why should you choose this plan?

The benefits you would get from this plan might resemble the standard Medicare Plan G. However, the most significant difference lies in the premium. For Medicare supplement high deductible Plan G, the premiums are lowered down and can be paid by the individuals in increments.  The overall deductible for this plan is estimated to be about $2,370 but most of the time people will only pay a small portion of this deductible when they go to the hospital and especially the doctor.

Who will get the most benefit out of HD Plan G?

  •   Individuals who require a high deductible for their medical needs along with a plan for lower monthly premiums.
  •   People who visit the doctors frequently,  that don’t charge excessive charges.
  •   Those who live in a state that doesn’t allow excessive charges.
  •   For those who love traveling to other countries, the HD Plan G also works best for them.

What is the amount of deductible for HD Medicare Plan G?

The deductible for Medicare high deductible Plan G is $2,370 in 2021. The beneficiaries reaching out for this deductible is what keeps the premium low for the plan. If you want less deductible, go for the high-end regular Plan G. However, the standard Medicare high deductible plan G is perfect for beginners.

What is the method of enrolling in Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan G?

There are many procedures to apply for the Medicare High Deductible Plan G.  The best way is to go to our website or call 1-844-552-7426. Shortly after that, you will be contacted by the agent licensed for your state for further procedure.

What is the cost of the HD plan?

If you apply for the Medicare Supplement high deductible plan G, you must pay about $41- $90 per month. However, you will be guided by the agent regarding the expense of the premium package. The factors also vary based on age and location.

Is HD Plan G better than HD Plan F?

Most people get confused between Plan G and F.  Plan F covers the deductible of Part B. Try to choose the plan that costs less and comes with a lowered premium. Before opting for a plan, go thorough research and select wisely.

What are the pros of the Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan G?

Here are the pros of Medicare Supplement HD Plan G:

  •   Medicare High Deductible Plan G offers a very affordable low monthly premium.
  •   If you live in a state that doesn’t allow a Medicare Part B excess charge.
  •   If you get ill and need to visit the doctor more often.
  •   If you are aged and require a nursing facility.
  •   If you don’t want a Medicare advantage plan.

We also recommend going through the laws and regulations submitted by the careers and the administration of your current state. You can also get information on the required HD plan on our Youtube page with the video above.

Can I switch from Plan F to Plan G?

Yes, anyone can switch from one plan to another plan. For this, you must answer some health-related questions. The carrier will also request you to fill a form, and if you are eligible for a switch, the healthcare carrier will inform you of the further procedure of changeover. However, keep all the medical expenses in mind before opting for the changeover.

What is a disadvantage of a Medicare Advantage Plan?

These Medicare plans are very affordable as it comes with a lowered premium.  Some plans are free and offer high-end benefits like ophthalmology and dental care. The only issue that some people complain about is that many carriers charge people a lot of their money with deductibles and copays, especially aged individuals. We highly advise everyone to give an in-depth analysis before opting for any plan as otherwise, you might be paying for lesser benefits with that lesser premium.

Does Medicare Cover 100 percent cover medical bills?

Yes, the Medicare Supplement HD Plan G tends to cover a significant area of your medical bill so that you do not have to pay extra upon each doctor visit. We recommend you be aligned with the carrier before the payment is due, as they can guide your steps further. The bills of 60 days in a high-end medical facility can be paid by the Medicare plans. Besides that, if the trip lasts longer, you can talk to an agent for further concession.  Just remember that you will have to pay the deductible first and then you will get the full benefits of the standard plan G.


Medicare Plans were created to offer individuals an affordable visit to the doctors. The plan ranges from A to N, and each provides different benefits to the beneficiaries. The premiums and deductibles vary for each of the projects. However, HD plan G and Plan F came vis a vis and have very little difference in terms of benefits. If you want to be enrolled in any Medicare HD plan, fill the online form on this Medigap website. You will then be contacted by the certified agent for your state, and they will further guide you for the insurance carriers and premiums you are required to pay. We highly advise you to research each plan before opting for any HD plan.