Cigna medigap plan g

Cigna Medigap plan G

Cigna Medigap Plan G

Cigna Medigap plan G Though Medicare part A and part B (Original Medicare) cover a wide range of healthcare-related costs, still, there seems a lack that needs to be covered. That’s why Medigap plans come into play. Many insurance companies, including Cigna, offer these plans to cover all of the things that Original Medicare does not. Cigna comes first as a big name in our mind when it comes to the best Medicare Supplement Plan G providers. It’s one of the US’s oldest companies, providing a 24/7 nurse line, a household discount program, a friendly website, and more. Though, the Cigna Medicare supplement offers multiple Medigap plans. However, Cigna Plan G is the most famous and affordable available to you. It helps the enrollees cover everything that they need without breaking the bank.

What does Cigna Plan G cover that Original Medicare doesn’t?

Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan G covers the following expenses;

Above all, it covers your extra $341 per day till up to your 90th day. Even more, on the 91st day, it takes care of $682 every day. Although Cigna Plan G covers many things as plan F, it does not cover the Medicare part B deductible. The only two plans, C and F, cover part B deductible.

Who can sign-up for Medigap plan G?

If you’re over 65 years and enrolled in Original Medicare (part A and part B), you can purchase Medicare plan G from a private insurance company like Cigna. One thing more, this Medigap policy covers only one person, which means your sweetheart will need to purchase their policy.