Medicare Advantage Plans: When can you go back to Original Medicare?

Most people leave their Medicare advantage plan during the AEP from October 15th- December 7th every year. This is also called open enrollment. There are other times when you can leave a Medicare advantage plan in your area. One of them that many baby boomers don’t discuss is the Medicare advantage dis-enrollment period. This is from January 1 – March 31 every year. People can leave their AARP Medicare advantage plan and go back to original Medicare with a medigap plan and prescription drug plan. If you look up a Medicare plan G near me, possibly you will find Brian Monahan or Medicare 365. Many people have called our office in St. Petersburg, Florida and asked if they can leave their Aetna Medicare advantage plan and go with a Medicare supplement plan N from Cigna. We tell them that they can leave the Medicare advantage plan one time during this enrollment period and go back to original Medicare with a Medigap plan from any company they choose. Most of the time, they must go through underwriting and pass a questionnaire that asks if they have had AFIB, a heart attack or stroke in the last few years. I would not fear underwriting because if you are healthy and only taking a few generic drugs such as atorvastatin and lisinopril, you will most likely pass underwriting and get the policy you want. A few places in the country do not have underwriting, and I get calls from New York and California about this all the time. If you are turning 65 and going on Medicare for the first time, you are in the initial enrollment period and won’t have to be asked health questions by the insurance company you are applying for. The most popular medigap companies in Tampa, Florida tend to be AARP and Aetna. The AARP Medicare supplement plan G in Miami tends to be the least expensive gap plan but in Texas, it could possibly be the most expensive. If you live in Massachusetts or Arizona, this can be different than if you live in Downingtown Pennsylvania. The United American insurance company has a high deductible g plan can be purchased and after 2 years be applied to a Supplemental G plan without underwriting. This is extremely important for baby boomer benefits in 2023. I am not sure if this company will have this in 2024 and beyond, but United American is still a fantastic Medicare supplement company. They are well known for their high deductible g plan because of this feature but Medico and Humana are competitors in this plan in some states. I like to quote in Illinois and Michigan. If you want to get a quote for Medicare supplement plans near me from Google or Duck Duck Go, we can do this. The companies like Lumico and Elips medigap plan n is very competitive in Tampa, Florida and Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Medicare supplemental Plan N has copays and a small deductible for doctors and outpatient centers but it is popular in 2022.

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