Help you sign up for Medicare A & B Card

If you’re turning 65, and you’re going on Medicare for the first time, or simply you’re going on Medicare for the first time no matter what your situation is. I’m going to show you in this video the steps that you need to take. There’s four steps. It’s very simple, and I’m going to explain them.

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The very first thing you’ll need to do is sign up for Medicare Part A and B. You’ll do this through the Social Security office, not the Medicare office. I’m just going to give you an example.

I got a phone call from a woman about a week ago. Her birthday is in January, her 65th birthday. It is October right now. So I advised her that January 1st is when she’ll be starting Medicare, and she needs to sign up through the Social Security office. I had her call her local Social Security office and set up an appointment to go in there and sit down with them and sign up. Then I told her when she gets her date … They told her, “Okay, it’s the end of November.” So I said, “Okay, well, we can sign you up online for Medicare sometime in the beginning of November. This way if something goes wrong, you’ll still have your appointment, but we’ll sign you up online, and then if you need to go in there, you can, but if not, you can cancel the appointment.”

After we do her Medicare A and B signup through the Social Security website,, online, then we will do her Medicare supplement plan. Now, she has two choices, a Medicare Supplement or a Medicare Advantage. I always advise my clients when they’re going on Medicare for the first time, definitely get a supplement plan, and I go into that in other videos. But I always say, get a Medicare Plan G. The reason being is when you’re 65, it’s not that expensive. It should be around $140 a month for her. This way, she’s on the top plan when she first starts Medicare. We have signed her up for her Medicare A and B card, then she attaches a Medicare Supplement Plan G. Then I’ll move on to the Medicare Part D plans and sign her up for a prescription drug plan.

Now keep in mind, even if you don’t take any prescription drugs, you have to have sufficient drug coverage or they will penalize you. So I’ll set her up. If she only takes one or two drugs, I’ll probably set her up with the least expensive plan. Now she’ll have her A and B card, her Medigap or Medicare Supplement Plan G and her prescription drug plan. The last question I’ll ask her is, does she want vision, dental, and hearing? If she does, we’ll attach one of those plans.

Those are the four steps that someone needs to complete when they’re signing up for Medicare. If you have any questions, give me a call. I appreciate you watching the video, and I’ll see you at the next one.