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Downtown Tampa has a fantastic hospital that takes Medicare Part A with a Medicare supplement plan G.  Tampa General is known for their helicopter flying over the Hillsborough River and landing on the roof of the hospital.   If you live in Brandon, Florida, and have a Medicare plan like AARP, this is a hospital you should consider.  TGH is a burn center and part of the USF School of Morsani school of Medicine but it also deals with many Wellcare Medicare plans.

Tampa General Hospital for Medicare Part A and Part B

If you are on Medicare part A and Medicare part B you should consider using TGH for some procedures.  Don’t forget they also take PPO plans from Wellcare and Humana so call ahead and ask about your Medicare advantage plan before you arrive.  Medicare supplement plan G is accepted anywhere they take Medicare supplement plans.  Medigap insurance is very important when you need to go to a top hospital in the USA like Tampa General Hospital.

TGH Service without Medicare Plan G

I had a friend who was burned on the arm and went to Tampa general hospital for treatment.   She lived in the Carrollwood section of Tampa, Florida but she moved to Brandon, Florida.  She was not on Medicare plan G or any supplemental Medicare plan but she received great care.  The TGH hospital is a trauma center but as we all know, seniors have trauma by the thousands each day.  TGH also services seniors and others that need cancer treatment, heart problems, and several other conditions.  They won’t just send you away with atorvastatin and Lisinopril and call it a day.  They are a super hospital.

AARP Medicare Plan With TGH

Keep in mind if you have signed up for a Medicare plan N from companies like AARP, you will have a copayment for an emergency room visit unless you are admitted to TGH.