United Healthcare Medicare in 2023

UnitedHealthcare in 2023

The first thing that people have to be aware of when they talk about AARP is that UnitedHealthcare is the underwriting program for them.  United healthcare is the actual insurance company and AARP is the marketing company that distributes the Medicare insurance for them.  AARP advantage plans and United healthcare Medicare supplement plans are two separate things.  

Does United Healthcare Offer Silver Sneakers

One of the great things about Silver Sneakers is that it is widely available. According to United Healthcare, the program is available at more than 16,000 locations across the United States, including community centers, YMCAs, and other fitness facilities. This makes it easy for members to find a location that is convenient for them, and to participate in the program regardless of where they live.

United Healthcare also offers other programs and resources to help seniors improve their health and wellness, such as the United Healthcare Healthy Living Program. This program is available to Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plan members, and it provides access to health coaching, telehealth services, and other resources to help members manage chronic conditions and improve their overall health.

United Healthcare does offer the Silver Sneakers program to eligible members as a way to improve overall health and wellness for older adults. The program provides access to fitness centers and classes at no additional cost, as well as educational and social events and resources to help members stay active and healthy. It is widely available, and United Healthcare also offers other programs and resources to help seniors improve their health and wellness. However, please note that availability of Silver Sneakers program may vary based on location and plan. It’s always a good idea to check with your plan provider or United Healthcare to confirm if Silver Sneakers is included in your plan.

Silver sneakers and Active and Fit are one of the things I learned about when I spoke with someone directly from AARP.  They have silver sneakers, but they also have active and fit with a Medicare gym membership.  They might even have silver and fit with AARP but it depends on where you live.  It goes by the state and zip code you live in, so you want to check and see which gym membership you can get for free if you join one of their Medicare supplement plans or their advantage plans.

 AARP advantage plans 2023 will be different from plans in 2024 but supplemental insurance from them most likely will remain the same.  If you have an AARP Medicare supplement plan G it will be the same thing as having a United healthcare Medicare supplement plan G in 2023.  Medicare advantage plans versus Medicare supplement plans should not be an issue for people searching for Medicare plans near me.  

AARP dental and vision insurance is connected through the Medicare advantage plan in 2023 or a Medicare supplement plan, endorsed by AARP.  

 United Healthcare can attach the vision, dental and hearing plan for seniors but you don’t have to attach it if it’s a Medicare supplement plan.  It can be separate from you can get any dental vision and hearing plan that you want you can get it from Aetna or another company or you can attach the AARP but if you get an AARP Medicare advantage plan you’re going to get an AARP dental plan and an AARP prescription drug plan.   They’re all gonna be the same and remember if you’re talking about United healthcare it’s going to be the same thing if you get a united healthcare Medicare advantage plan.   You will also get a United healthcare dental and vision insurance plan with it.  United healthcare part D prescription drug plan benefits are different from other part d plans.  

I spoke with AARP and they do give extras with their aarp united healthcare medigap policies.  They attach it and can cost a little bit more money so it’s actually not attached to it like a Medicare advantage plan.  It is offered with a little bit more money.  An AARP Medicare supplement plan F might be $145 a month if you live in Florida, but if you attach dental vision and hearing and an AARP prescription drug plan with it,  then it might be $180 a month. 

You’re actually taking separate plans and attaching it to them and they’re kind of giving you a discount for doing that, it’s the same thing with the silver sneakers or the active and fit gym memberships with AARP.  There is no 24 month waiting period with these boomer benefits either.   They’re actually giving it to you and it might be $10 a month extra.   It could be free but they’re giving it to you you know and it separately.  With the AARP Medicare advantage plans everything is grouped together.   There are Unitedhealthcare zero premium medicare advantage plans 2023 and you get all of these benefits including a gym membership, dental, vision and hearing insurance and you get a prescription drug plan.  The AARP authorized to offer program is something that we should probably talk about in the near future.  If you Google an AARP agent near me, most likely you will get their website, but as a broker most of us are licensed with  AARP and United Healthcare.  We can offer you their Medicare supplement plan or the Medicare advantage plan for the same price as they would give it to you.   We cannot put anything on top of it as far as price is concerned.  When you’re researching AARP dental insurance with no waiting period for seniors it will take a lot of time and energy.   Dental insurance is very hard to understand and you’d have to speak with somebody probably for at least a half hour to learn about it.

If you are going to call AARP and let’s say you’re in Arkansas, Arizona or Pennsylvania, you’re going to be calling United healthcare at the same time.   If you’re looking for AARP versus Aetna Medicare supplement plans you’re gonna have to talk to a broker and look at different costs for each plan.  So let’s say you’re looking at an AARP Medicare supplement plan G and and you want to compare the prices of that plan to an Aetna Medicare supplement plan G.  You basically might not be getting the same coverage because sometimes these plans like AARP or United healthcare offer these gym memberships and a little bit of dental and vision insurance with the Medicare coverage.  

 Aetna Medigap plans or Medico insurance company plans might have dental and vision insurance for seniors but it might cost a little bit more because it is an add on.   That’s something that you have to look at when you’re doing comparisons.  For Medicare insurance advice, a lot of people look at medicare.gov or they call different medicare insurance companies.  I would say call a broker and they can go through all the different pricing issues.

The best Medicare supplement plan that you get or what’s the Cadillac Medicare plan F? You actually mentioned Humana Gold or and I forgot about the Humana Medicare supplement plan in 2023, but if we’re talking about Philadelphia Pennsylvania or if we’re talking about Tampa Florida it’s going to be different for Medigap plans in 2023. 

The first thing that we need to do is figure out what part of the country we are talking about.  Are we talking about California, Florida or New York?  Are we talking about Medigap plans also known as Medicare supplement plans or are we talking about Medicare advantage plans?  With the Humana Medicare supplement plan G price, yes there is a difference than the Allstate Medigap plan G in the price.  You will get the same care but  a different price.   When you get your Medicare part A and B card from the government, Medicare part A covers your hospital and inpatient services.  Medicare part B covers your outpatient services and doctors and specialists visits.  It also covers ambulance and a few other things such as; if you had cancer you would get your chemotherapy in an outpatient center, but you would get it from Medicare part B, so when you have that Medicare part A and B card and then you get a gap plan or a Medigap plan, you have to decide which Medicare supplement plan you want.

 Let’s say you get a Medicare supplement plan F that’s going to cover the remainder of what Medicare part A and B does not cover.  Medicare Part A and B covers 80% of your hospital and doctor costs and a  Medicare supplement plan F is going to cover the remaining 20%.  You will have no Medicare part b deductible and no co-pays at all.  

The F plan is the best Medigap plan  or the most comprehensive Medicare supplement plan in 2023, but it’s not offered to people that were not eligible for Medicare prior to the year 2020.  You can get Medicare supplemental plan F if you were eligible for Medicare part b in 2020.  

Let’s just say you’re 70 years old in 2020; you can get a Medicare supplement plan F because you were eligible for Medicare part a b c d prior to 2020,  but you’re turning 65 in 2024 you’re not going to be eligible for Medicare plan F.  

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare supplement plan F is offered to people over the age of 70 as well as Aetna, Transamerica, Cigna and Medico.  They all have a plan F that’s offered to people that were eligible prior to 2020.  The top Medigap plan in 2023 is going to be Medicare supplement plan G.  This is because most baby boomer benefits are not going to be with Medigap plan F.  

When you say Medicare gap plan N you really mean same thing right?  I don’t know why anyone calls it a supplement plan because it explains it better to say Medicare supplement plan or Medigap plan.  

I ask some senior health insurance experts, “What plan do you have?”  “Is it an HMO or is it a PPO?”  If you say advantage plan  and gap plan then people know exactly what you’re talking about.   W

What about the shingles vaccine? Certain plans do cover the shingles shots correct?  Some may cover 100% shingles vaccine cost.  Certain Medicare advantage plans may cover more.  Take a look at Clover health or Wellcare advantage plans and the part d plans.  And then look at the 5 things Medicare doesn’t cover.  

If you look at the different companies there’s Manhattan life Medicare supplement plan G and Medico plan high deductible G.  In Florida, you have a company called United American insurance company that has one of the best Medicare supplement high deductible plan G plans in the country.  It’s not offered in every state though.