Why is dental coverage with Medicare horrible?

Medicare is known for its fantastic medical coverage (Medicare Part B) and its unbelievable hospital coverage (Medicare Part A).  People tell me all the time they are entirely pleased with the treatment they received from the hospital, doctors, and nurses that were assigned to them.  Medicare Part A which is known as the hospital and inpatient benefit part of Medicare in my mind is fantastic.  Doctor’s coverage is equally satisfying if you have the correct Medicare supplemental plan to go with it.   But, for some reason, I keep getting complaints about dental coverage and how it is a rip-off and doesn’t cover much.  I think I know the problem but not sure how it can be fixed.  Let me try and explain.

How Dental Coverage with Medicare works

Dental coverage even for Medicare beneficiaries is very inexpensive.  It costs around $30-$40 a month for most companies including Medico and Humana.  For the most part, I get a phone call from someone who is looking for dental coverage after they feel they need some work done.  If someone on Medicare needs to get a dental plan it is usually separate from their Medicare plan, which means there are no open enrollment periods or special enrollments.  It is just an add-on to a Medicare supplement plan.

Enrollment for Dental Insurance with Medicare

If the person has a Medicare Advantage plan, dental coverage is already built into the plan so they must go with that coverage and be happy with it, or wait until the October annual open enrollment period to change their advantage plan.

Benefits of Getting Dental Coverage with Medicare

If you want to get dental coverage that would cover 100% of a crown or root canal it would mean that dental coverage would skyrocket premiums.  I usually see the plans and they pay about half of the benefit when it comes to anything other than an annual cleaning or simple dental procedures.

How to buy Medicare Plans with Dental Insurance

My only advice is to shop around and look at the bottom of my website at Medicare 365 to compare the prices of dental plans.  I can help with the process and you should be able to save some money.


Remember, an agent like myself can give you many different plans to choose from but the research for dental is grueling and usually doesn’t end up being positive.

Posted on May 2023