Which is the Best Medicare Plan

Okay.  So in today’s video I’m going to go over the High Deductible Plan G, which is I want to give you including

the raw data, so you can take a look and make a decision for yourself on whether you like this plan or 

dislike this plan.  Thanks to everyone who comments on the videos!   It helps a lot.  You give your stories 

and other people are able to read these comments and also help them with their decision.  So thanks for 

your comments and your likes and subscriptions to the channel. Let us know which is the Best Medicare plan.

What are the Best Medicare Plans

 So, anyhow.  Let’s get into the data.   So the High Deductible G.   This is becoming more and 

more popular as the years go on.  Now the top three most popular Medicare supplement plans start with 

Plan G, Plan N and Plan High Deductible G.  In that order.  However the N and the High Deductible G are

getting very, very popular. 

The 3 Best Medigap plans

I want to go over these three plans and kind of compare them. I also want to

get into just a little bit of the Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage plans.

So right off the bat if you’re turning 65 or going on Medicare for the first time I do not think, in my 

opinion, you should get a Medicare Advantage plan.  The reason being is these plans have no 

underwriting.  Anyone can get into these plans during October 15th through December 7th every year.

When it comes to these other three plans (the Gap plans or the Medicare supplement plans) G, N and 

High Deductible G, you will have to go through underwriting to discover which is the Best Medicare plan.

Medical underwriting- which means health questions.  It’s not to scare you.  The only

thing they ask you is, “In the last couple years have you had cancer?” or maybe “In the last five years have 

you had a heart attack?”  These types of questions.   If you’re taking high blood pressure if you’re taking 

cholesterol.  You’re going to pass underwriting most likely.  So don’t worry about that term.  It seems to

get people thrown off.

If we compare these plans.  So right off the bat.   If you’re going to look at a Medicare Advantage, 

I highly suggest that you look and compare the High Deductible G to that Medicare Advantage plan and

I’m going to do a little bit of that in this video.

these are the three plans that you’re going to see and these are the three plans that I would show you if 

you contacted me and asked me about what supplement plans you should look at.  Now keep in mind 

with the G, N and High Deductible G the benefits are the same, no matter what state you’re in.  No matter 

what company you go with.  So if you get a High Deductible Plan G in Kansas from Aetna and someone 

else gets the high deductible G from Florida with Cigna the benefits are going to be the same.  Meaning 

you’re going to pay the same amounts of money, not for the premium- the premium might be different

there’s $40, but the other stuff will be exactly the same.  The benefits.

What is the Best Medicare Supplement plan

 So let’s get into it.   So High Deductible G.   Let’s start with that because that’s what you came to 

this video for.  So I did a comparison of a bunch of different states.  I could have done all 50 and 

maybe I’ll do that sometime and see what the average for these plans are.  For the High Deductible G I put

in California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois.  I kind of went all the diamonds around the country.  Kentucky/ 

Michigan and I put an average of what their lowest cost High Deductible Plan G for someone who is 65. 

Now if you are 75 just tack on another $20 let’s say.   So the price will be $62 here instead of $42.

You can always work out those numbers.  So don’t worry about those numbers so much.  For 

someone who’s 65 I put these numbers in and got an average of $40 a month is what they’ll be paying for 

the High Deductible G.  So the average for someone who’s 75 is probably $60 or $70 a month.  Let’s 

just say that.  Let’s go back to this other chart.  So the High Deductible G you will pay the company $40 

each month for the premium.  

Now what does that mean?  Well with this plan it works just like the Medigap Plan G but it has this 

$2,700 a year deductible.  Now what does that mean?  This means that the original Medicare part A and B 

will pay their eighty percent and you will be charged the 20% until you reach $2,700.  Then you will pay 

nothing when you go to the hospital, doctor or an Outpatient Center.  You have surgery, you get an 

ambulance, you won’t pay anything.

So what I did here was I took $40 times twelve.  I’ll do it on my calculator.  That will be your

 premium.  I can do that in my head, believe it or not.  $480 is what you’ll pay for the premium each year. 

Then you add the $2,700 if you were to maximize that.  Now some people go to the doctor once or twice a

year and that’s it.   You can just do this $480 plus probably another $100 or $200 just tack on there.  So 

you’l  pay $680 for the year and that will be it. Let’s say you max it out.  You go to the hospital five times.

You go to the doctor 30 times during the year.  This is the max that you will pay for this  plan $3,180.

Now what does this cover?  Your hospital coverage which is inpatient.  So anything inpatient.  If 

you have a skilled nursing center, now keep in mind skilled nursing you get a hundred days.  It’ll also 

cover your outpatient- which means doctor, physical therapist, all your specialists, cardiologists and your

outpatient centers, urgent care.  That’s what it’ll also cover.

What Does the Best Medicare plan Cover?

So, what does it not cover?  Well just like every other gap plan it doesn’t have a drug plan attached 

to it.  It doesn’t have dental, vision and hearing or most likely it doesn’t have a gym membership and so 

forth.  The cool thing about this is you can get any drug plan in your area that you want and if you 

want dental and vision and hearing- same thing but you don’t have to pay the average price.  Basically if 

the cheapest plan is $5 and you only take two generics, let’s say you take a Statin drug and a high

 blood pressure drug.  You can get a plan for $5 or $6 a month and the co-pays will be like a 

$1 or $2  for those drugs.  So this is another reason why you don’t have to worry about having a drug plan 

attached.  You’re almost better off not having one attached. 

Back to this plan.  So $40 premium.  What will this cover?  Well of course this $2,700 you’ll have to 

pay the $20 towards all these other things: hospital, doctor, CAT scans, skilled nursing and that type of 

thing.  It will just be up to $2,700 and this is the most that you would pay.  Now let me get into the 

other plan so I can make comparisons because I’m sure you looked at this $1,900 and this $1,898 and 

thought,  “Well this is way lower than the $3,180!”  Of course it is because you’re taking a chance you don’t 

have to pay this $2,700 but if you keep going to the doctor you maximize it.  You will.  

the premium on average.  Once again I went to these states and did an average for someone who was 65.  

If you are 75 just tack on probably another hundred dollars a month in premium.  I’ll just put it like that 

that’s in my head from my clients that are 75.  They’re paying about $240 a month possibly $220 whatever 

it is but let’s say you’re 65.   $140 a month you will multiply that by 12 of course and that will be your 


What do you pay when you go in the hospital?  You pay nothing.  There is no $2,700 deductible.  

It’s zero that you’ll pay now.  What about the doctor?  Well this is not a high deductible plan but it does 

have a small deductible of $226 per year.  So you say,  “Well what are the co-pays?  What are the 

deductibles?”  $226 and that’s it. 

So a lot of people like this.  So what else do you pay for hospital, doctor, CAT 

scans, outpatient centers?  What else will you pay?  The answer is zero.  So you take this $140 times it by 

12.  Add the $226 for the deductible.  Let’s just say you’re going to pay that deductible and this is what 

you’ll pay for the year- $1,906. That’s it!  You will not pay anything else for hospital and doctor.  Now does 

this come with a drug plan and dental?  No it does not.  You have to get separate plans and I put the 

average price here but like I said there’s plans for $5 this is just the average.

Now let’s move on to Plan N.  So, Plan N works kind of in between these two I guess you would 

say.  Now look at the out of pocket and I’ll go through this.

Plan N- you have a premium of average 

for someone who’s 65 $106 a month.  Times that by 12.  That’s your premium.  What do you pay in the 

hospital?  Well there’s a $50 emergency room.  If you’re admitted you pay nothing and for any other 

hospital you pay nothing.  So that includes hospital stays and surgeries and so forth.  What about the 

doctors?  Well you will pay the same $226 that you paid for G.  The deductible, once that’s met, you will 

pay $20 each time you go to the doctor.

 So what I did was I put $20, up to $20 each time you go, and I times that by 20 times that you 

went to the doctor.  So this should be $400. That’s what I came up with.  Now a lot of people don’t go to

the doctor 20 times, so I’m putting this on the high end.  So what would your out of pocket be for 

that?  It would be $1,898. 

Now let’s just say you went to the doctor’s 10 times.  Well it would only be $200 that you spent 

and this would only be $1,698.  So let’s put you ten times you went to the doctor or specialist.   So as you 

can see these are the numbers.  What seems to be more cost effective?  Well the N seems to be if people 

go to the doctors a lot or if they go to the emergency room or if their premium of course is higher than the 

average.   This could add up.  Now what about the Plan G?  Well yeah this is the easiest plan and the max 

out of pocket is $1,906.  That’s set.  So basically after you pay this deductible you’re not going to pay 

co-pays.  So this number is set in stone unless you don’t pay this deductible.  It’ll be $226 dollars cheaper. 

That’s what you will pay.  So you look at these numbers and think, “Well why would I go with the High 

Deductible G?”

 Well of course I love the comments that some of the people have written on other videos that 

I’ve done and a lot of you will say,  “Hey! I have this High Deductible G and I don’t go to the doctor or 

hospital that much!  It’s more of a catastrophic coverage that I know it’s there if I use it.  The max that I’ll 

pay is this but if I don’t use it I might pay less than the N Plan!”  I mean you could pay less than a $1,000 a 

month for your health coverage.  Maybe $600 a month.  So what do I always tell people my opinion?

 Well of course, if you can afford it, the G plan is great.  You pay the $226.  If you go to the doctors 

and so forth and then you know this is what I’m spending.  Top coverage in the country.  No questions

asked.  Then a lot of people want to look at the Plan N and say,  “Hey!  It seems like it’s just as good a 

coverage- just with a copay!” and that’s true.   It is that.  I say you know Plan N is getting very popular 

because of that reason.  

Now one thing I didn’t mention about a plan N I scroll down but it does have something called an 

excess charge.  If you go to certain doctors that don’t accept medicare’s allotment you have to pay 15 on 

top of what the Medicare would pay the doctor.  So they will pay their portion but you could get 15 on 

top of that, but it’s less than three percent of the doctors in the country and it’s very unusual.  I haven’t had 

anyone who said,  “Oh I had to pay an excess charge!” and I have a ton of people on Plan N. 

Now, the High Deductible G.  Like I said, a lot of people love this plan.  It’s becoming more and 

more popular.  There’s actually a company out there, I won’t mention any company names, but if you get 

on their High Deductible G Plan-  after two years, no matter what,  you can get on a Plan G switch over to a

Plan G.  No medical underwriting.  Now.  Once again.  Why would I choose any one of these three plans: G, 

N or High Deductible G?  Because this is the best coverage that you can get and the benefits do not 


Medicare Advantage they do change.  Sometimes they charge $250 a day in a hospital they could 

turn around and charge $500 a day in the hospital the next year and guess what?  You say,  “I want to get 

over into a gap plan!”  Well you have to go through underwriting if it’s not your initial enrollment period or 

you’re not in a special election period and then you might not get accepted.  

I got a call from a woman from Arizona, hopefully she’s watching this, and she could say,  “He 

mentioned me!”  She was so scared about medical underwriting and she had no health problems.  She 

said she took one I think it was cholesterol drug and I thought well maybe in these videos I’m really 

pushing that because I have to tell people what the truth is.  Maybe I’m making it sound like this medical 

underwriting is impossible.  Like you have to get a blood test or you have to go see your doctor.  No. 

Medical underwriting is just they ask you questions. 

Have you had cancer in the last two years or whatever it may be.  Questions like that.  So don’t be 

nervous about it there’s companies out there that you can apply for these plans it’s zero for the 

application it doesn’t charge you for the application.  So apply.  If you get rejected then you go and look at 

something else but I just signed a guy up I thought he was going to get rejected and he didn’t.  He got into 

the plan.

So thanks for watching this video!  If you have any questions you can call my office and a lot of 

times people are surprised when the phone rings and I pick up the phone and the people say, “Brian.”  I 

say, “Yeah yeah it’s me!” and they’re surprised that I actually answer the phone.  Well I have  people that I 

work of course but you might get me on the phone most of the time during open enrollment like now.  

All I do is work and so I should be answering the phones and speaking to you directly. 

Does attained age vs issue age matter if it is not Unitedhealthcare or Clover health?  This questioin is the same as asking does Houston Texas have Wellcare or aarp?  

Thanks for watching the video!  Click on one of my other videos.  There’ll be links also in the 

description where you can find some of my other videos that will help you with some of the other plans.  

Take care and have a great day!

Disclaimer: This video and blog post are for entertainment purposes only.  If you want advice on Medicare or any of its plans, please speak to a licensed agent, whether it is me or another licensed agent. No advice should be taken from this video or blog post.  If you don’t speak to me about your individual concerns, I can’t give you my 100% opinion. Brian Monahan and Medicare 365 are not responsible for any actions that you take without consulting with a licensed insurance agent.

Posted on May 2023