aetna medicare supplement plans

Aetna Medicare supplement plans: Why I like the company

Aetna Medicare supplement plans

Aetna Medicare supplement plans are one of my top Medicare plans.  I have enjoyed working with Aetna since they purchased American Continental and Continental life.  Medicare has a few great companies like Cigna and Blue Cross and Blue Shield but I admire Aetna just as much.  CVS Pharmacy now owns Aetna and the combined forces have blossomed.  Supplement plans by Continental life are popular also.  They have a PPO and an HMO Medicare advantage plan.  Plan F is no longer available unless you have a plan f already with continental life or Aetna Medicare insurance.  CVS Pharmacy and Caremark CVS are some of the biggest companies.  If you go to a Walgreens pharmacy instead of a CVS pharmacy it might be more expensive with an Aetna prescription plan.  Some people go with a WellCare prescription drug plan with a medical policy.  Wellcare is also a big prescription drug company.  If you have an HMO plan or a PPO plan you will have to have an Aetna drug plan.  An Aetna Medigap plan is different.  It is not a Medicare Advantage plan.