Carvedilol and Medicare part d

Carvedilol and Medicare part d

Coverage of Carvedilol and Medicare part D

Carvedilol falls into one of the top 20 prescribed drugs out right now. This prescription drug is used to treat patients who have had heart failure and or a heart attack in order to increase their survival chances. The main purpose of Carvedilol is to lower high blood pressure so that heart attacks, strokes, and also kidney problems don’t arise.

How Carvedilol works

How Carvedilol works is a little different from how other blood pressure medication works in the body. This drug is more of an alpha and beta blocker and lowers the production of epinephrine. In doing so, heart rate, blood pressure and the amounts of stress on your heart will go down to safer levels.

Where and How to Get Carvedilol

If you live in Tampa, Florida and are prescribed Carvedilol, you could pick it up at any pharmacy close to you like a Walgreens or CVS. Call ahead to see if they will accept your Medicare part d drug coverage before going so that you get the prescription drug at a much lower copayment.

Is there any Side Effects of Carvedilol

Just like any prescription drug or over-the-counter drug, there are some side effects to be wary of. This would include dizziness, being drowsy, diarrhea, and lightheadedness. While on this drug if these symptoms are constant then make sure to talk to a doctor or pharmacist.

If you are currently on a Medicare part D drug plan then there is something called the “donut hole” to be wary of. As of 2021, this term isn’t exactly what it used to be. Right now the “donut hole” comes into play when you have spent over $4,130 on prescribed drugs.

Why you Should Enroll Medicare Part D and Get Carvedilol

But there is a cap to how much you have to pay for the drug once you have reached the coverage limit. It is only 25% maximum for the cost of the drugs you need. Basically, the drug manufacturer will pay 70% of costs, then your Medicare drug plan with whichever company you decide on, such as Wellcare for example, will then cover 5% making up a total of 75% covered. That remaining 25% is left on you to pay. For example, someone who lives in Tampa, Florida who’s on a Medicare part D drug plan can expect to only pay the 25% if they go over the amount their part d plan covers. The same goes for someone let\’s say who lives in Michigan.

Enrolling Medicare Plans with an Agent

When enrolling in a part d Medicare plan for the first time, be sure to check and find out when they open enrollment 2022 window opens. I also recommend talking to a Medicare supplement agent because they have the knowledge about the best Medigap plan to go to and what plans would be right for you. If you are living in St. Petersburg Florida then one medicare supplement agent to talk to is Brian Monahan. He has been a Medicare supplement agent for over 10 years.