zoloft and medicare part d

Zoloft and Medicare Part D

Zoloft is one of the top 20 most prescribed medications in the United States. The main use for it is to help those who have anxiety, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), PTSD, depression, and social anxiety. It can even be prescribed to help someone’s appetite, mood, and sleep, but its main use is not for that. Zoloft in Medicare dosages usually ranges from 25 mg to 100 mg depending on the severity of the person’s disorder. The most commonly prescribed dosage is Zoloft 25 mg or would be around Zoloft 50 mg. If you are worried if Medicare part d covers Zoloft, it does.

So why is Zoloft used in Medicare part d?

The Medicare Part D plan covers most prescription drugs out in the market today, this drug is one of them. Zoloft is a brand-name drug, but there is a cheaper generic drug than the Zoloft Medicare cost that has the same results. That generic drug is called Sertraline. Sertraline side effects are common. It is prescribed in around the same dosage as Zoloft which is Sertraline 25 mg to Sertraline 50 mg.

It is the more affordable drug when the two are compared price-wise to one. Granted, there is a possibility that the generic brand Sertraline will be rejected by your body, but the brand name Zoloft will not. This only happens to certain people and there isn’t a clear reason as to why.

There are side effects to be mindful of just like any drug out on the market, so be sure to do a little research if this drug is prescribed to you. Zoloft is prescribed throughout the country in places like Tampa, Florida, and Downingtown, Pennsylvania for example, so no need to worry about going out of your way to find it.

Does Zoloft Cost Reduce With Medicare Part D

The Medicare cost for Zoloft is much cheaper than buying it without Medicare. If you are around the age of 65 or already that age, but not on Medicare, contact a Medicare supplement agent like Brian Monahan to get up-to-date details on all the Medicare options.