Furosemide and Medicare Part D

Furosemide and Medicare Part D

Furosemide is a drug that is covered with Medicare Part D. It is an oral medication prescribed by doctors to treat a build-up of excess fluids in the body. The main use of this drug is to reduce high blood pressure or hypertension, where your body will not be at risk for things like heart failure, strokes, and organ failure. Urine production is what Furosemide is used to do within the body. By producing more urine, the body then takes the excess salt and water and flushes it out. It is the diuretics’ mechanism of action.  Furosemide is also known as a “water pill” or a diuretic meaning it does what was described up above.

Furosemide Cost and Medicare Part D

Not only that, this drug is one of the top 20 Medicare drugs prescribed. Being on a part d Medicare plan will reduce the cost of how much you would have to pay for this medication if your doctor prescribes it. Medicare Part D will cover drug costs and hospital visits as well.

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Furosemide Dosage

As for the dosages, Furosemide 20 mg to 80mg is prescribed, but it depends on how much excess fluid your body carries and needs to be flushed out. If your body’s fluid retention is high, then a higher dose will be given, if it is a little more than average than a low dose will be given.

Lasix vs Furosemide Which one is Better

Lasix not Furosemide is the brand name for this diuretic, but the cheaper more affordable generic brand is called Lasix. Lasix works exactly how Furosemide would, it’s just cheaper and more drug cost-saving. Depending on the financial status of your household, if you’re doing well financially then Furosemide would be fine to be prescribed, but if you are a little under financially then Lasix would be best for you.