Compare Medigap Plans

Comparing Medigap Plans

There are a total of 10 Medigap plans to choose from in the year 2021, with Plan F now taken off as one of the options. Every plan has its own coverage as to what gaps in Medicare they cover. Using our chart below, you can compare all the plans together to see what fits your needs.

Each and every year the Medigap plan is updated to give you the most relevant and new information pertaining to your Medigap plan. Granted, most of the plans listed do not receive benefit changes throughout the years.

Depending on the Medigap plan, some have higher premiums than the others, but because of those high premiums, they give you more coverage.

Some of the Medigap plans that have a low premium mean you agree to the terms of the plan and will also pay for certain gaps within Medicare by yourself. Comparing the plans will give you a good idea as to what will cover your needs.


Medigap Insurance

Medicare Supplement plans or (Medigap plans) for short, are there to pay for gaps within Medicare. They can help pay for copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles.


Which Plan is Better?

Plan G is one of the most highly bought plans out of all the Medigap Plans. It used to be Plan F as well, but that was retracted back in 2020 and taken off the list of plans.

Since Plan F is no longer an option, Plan G is the go-to plan since it has almost every single benefit Plan F had with one difference. That difference is the Part B deductible is NOT covered in Plan G. You will have to pay that deductible on your own.

However, Plan N is on an uprise due to low premium costs. So if you can afford to pay out-of-pocket for some of your Medigap costs and excess charges then Plan N might be something to look into.

Medigap Chart and Summary of Parts

Medicare Supplement Plan A: Plan A is the most simplistic out of all the other plans. It will cover 20% of what Medicare does not cover on outpatient treatments. All Medicare Insurance companies have Plan A as an option, but depending on where you reside, some companies will not offer it to those below the age of 65 that are on Medicare Disability.

Medicare Supplement Plan B: With Plan B, this covers all of what Plan A covers except it will also pay the hospital deductible that Medicare Part A has. Medigap Plan B differs from Medicare Part B so make sure you do not confuse the two.

Medicare Supplement Plan C: This plan will cover everything aside from Medicare excess charges. It will pay the deductibles as well as the 20% usually paid by you towards outpatient costs.

Medicare Supplement Plan D: Plan D will not pay for the Part B deductible or excess charges on Medicare if they are incurred. Plan D is one of the unpopular plans within Medigap. It is not Part D in Medicare which is the Drug Plan.

Medicare Supplement Plan G: Plan G covers everything that Plan F covered when it was available, except the Part B deductible. Since Plan F is no longer around, Plan G has become one of the most popular plans found around the states.

Medicare Supplement Plans K, L, M: The plans K, L, and M are not widely requested because of the amount they cover. With Plan K, it will only cover half or 50% of things, while Plan L will cover ¾ or 75% of things. Since the request for these plans is low, not many insurance companies or carriers will offer them. Depending on where you are residing, you may have a good chance of finding decent rates for the plans.

Medicare Supplement Plan N: Plan N which was made back in 2010 or a little over a decade ago, has low premiums yet you pay out-of-pocket for copays pertaining to visits with a doctor and emergency rooms. Plan N will not cover excess charges incurred within Medicare.


Medigap Plans and Doctors

With Medicare Supplement Plans you are able to visit any doctor for a checkup as long as they are within Medicare. If the doctor accepts Medicare, you are then eligible to go and visit him/her for a checkup. It will not matter what company you choose to get your plans from. Medicare Advantage plans are where you are limited to a network of doctors, but Medigap is not the same.

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