Medicare Advantage Plans Philadelphia

The Medicare Advantage Plans that are available can vary greatly from one location to another, and the selection of plans in Philadelphia may not be the same as in other parts of the United States. In this article, I will explain some of the top Medicare advantage plans in Philly and Pennsylvania including the “King of the city” plan that I think is the best.

IBC Blue Cross PPO plans in Philadelphia

The IBC (Blue Cross) PPO plans are extremely popular in Philadelphia Pennsylvania this year.  The $0 premium PPO plans have many Hospitals and doctors that are in the network.  I myself had many people switch from a Medigap plan that was costing them over $300 to an IBC PPO Prime plan.  In 2023, during the open enrollment period for Medicare, many of my clients will utilize the “Trial Right” period which gives them the option to try a Medicare Advantage plan for up to twelve months.  If within this 12-month period, they are unhappy with the plan (and this is the first time they were on a Medicare advantage plan) they are able to switch back to a Medicare supplement plan aka Medigap plan with no underwriting.  This proved to be very popular and over 30 of my clients chose to use the trial right.  In my experience, the people in 2021 and 2022 who chose to use the trial right, never went back to the Medigap plan because they were happy with the IBC PPO plan.  This isn’t to say that everyone will be happy with it and stay in the year 2023 or 2024, but as far as my clients, they have and most likely will stay with Blue Cross.  It is something some people on Medicare might want to take a look at and research.

Blue Cross Blue Shield In Pennsylvania

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a national federation of 36 independent and locally-operated companies that provide health insurance coverage across the United States. In Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, this coverage is offered by Independence Blue Cross.

The Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans typically offered by Blue Cross entities like Independence Blue Cross provide significant flexibility for policyholders to choose their healthcare providers. As with other PPO plans, you can choose any healthcare provider you like, but you’ll pay less if you choose a provider within the plan’s network.

Keystone 65 HMO in Philadelphia

Keystone 65 HMO is a Medicare Advantage plan offered by Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia and its surrounding counties. This Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan provides all of the coverage of traditional Medicare, and often more. In Philadelphia, Pa this plan seems to be the king with the most amount of people on Medicare advantage in this particular plan. Is it the best? Let’s go over the benefits.

To get the most accurate, up-to-date information, please contact our customer service line at 1-844-552-7426. If you’re eligible for Medicare, you can also use the Plan Finder tool on the website to find Blue Cross PPO plans.

Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Philadelphia

Humana Gold Plus is a type of Medicare Advantage plan known as a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan. With this type of plan in Philadelphia, you choose a primary care doctor from Humana’s network, and they will coordinate your care, including referring you to specialists as needed.

Here are some key features of the Humana Gold Plus HMO plan based on information available up to 2023, although specifics can vary by location and yearly changes:

Primary Care Physician (PCP): You’ll choose a primary care physician from within the Humana network, and they will coordinate most of your healthcare needs.

Referrals: Generally, you’ll need a referral from your primary care physician to see a specialist.

In-Network Care: Except in the case of emergencies or urgent care situations, or for out-of-area dialysis, your care will generally need to be from in-network providers for it to be covered.

Additional Benefits: These can include routine vision and dental coverage, fitness programs, and/or over-the-counter medication allowances, among others, depending on the specific plan.

Out-of-Pocket Maximum: There’s a limit on your out-of-pocket healthcare costs each year, offering you financial protection.

Remember, the specifics of each Humana Gold Plus plan can vary based on the county or state you live in. So, to get the most accurate information, you’ll need to visit the Humana website or call their customer service line. You can also use the Medicare Plan Finder tool on the website to compare Humana Gold Plus plans with other Medicare Advantage plans available in your area.

Aetna PPO Plans in Philadelphia

Aetna is a private health insurance company that offers several types of healthcare plans, including Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans. Aetna typically offers several types of health insurance plans in different areas, including Philadelphia, and this often includes Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans.

A PPO is a type of health insurance plan that offers a broad network of healthcare providers, allowing you the flexibility to choose from in-network and out-of-network doctors, specialists, and hospitals. You usually pay less when you use healthcare providers in the network.

Aetna PPO Characteristics

Flexibility: You don’t need a referral to see specialists and you have the option to use healthcare providers outside of the plan’s network, although this typically costs more.

Nationwide Network: Aetna has a large network of healthcare providers, making it suitable for people who travel frequently or live in more than one place.

Out-of-Pocket Costs: Premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums vary by plan. You’ll usually pay less out-of-pocket when you choose in-network providers.

Aetna Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Coverage

Most of Aetna’s Medicare Advantage PPO plans include prescription drug coverage, but the specifics can vary by plan.

Additional Benefits: Depending on the specific plan, Aetna’s PPO plans might offer additional benefits such as wellness programs, telemedicine services, mental health benefits, and more.

To find specific information about Aetna PPO plans available in Philadelphia as of August 2023, please visit the Aetna website or call Aetna’s customer service line. For personalized advice and information about which health insurance plan is best for you, please consult with a healthcare advisor or insurance professional.

Remember, health insurance coverage is complex and it’s important to understand the costs and benefits of a plan before enrolling. Read the plan documents carefully and don’t hesitate to ask questions if there’s anything you don’t understand.