IBC Medicare Advantage plans in Philadelphia Area

The IBC (Blue Cross) PPO plans are extremely popular in Philadelphia Pennsylvania this year.  The $0 premium PPO plans have many Hospitals and doctors that are in the network.  I myself had many people switch from a Medigap plan that was costing them over $300 to an IBC PPO Prime plan.  In 2021, during the open enrollment period for Medicare, many of my clients utilized the “Trial Right” period which gives them the option to try a Medicare Advantage plan for up to twelve months.  If within this 12-month period, they are unhappy with the plan (and this is the first time they were on a Medicare advantage plan) they are able to switch back to a Medicare supplement plan aka Medigap plan with no underwriting.  This proved to be very popular and over 30 of my clients chose to use the trial right.  In my experience, the people in 2019 and 2020 who chose to use the trial right, never went back to the Medigap plan because they were happy with the IBC PPO plan.  This isn’t to say that everyone will be happy with it, but as far as my clients, they were.  It is something some people on Medicare might want to take a look at and research.